About Endace

Endace started as a New Zealand University research project in 2001 when we developed the DAG™ Data Capture Card, which quickly redefined the packet capture market, and gained a reputation as the gold standard for accurate, reliable packet capture.

Twenty years on, we continue to set the benchmark for 100% accurate packet-capture, Network Recording and Playback™ at high speed.

Our network recording and visibility solutions are used by some of the world's biggest companies to monitor some of the fastest, most powerful networks on the planet.

Endace Customers

Endace works with world leading organizations the world over who trust Endace products to help manage critical data networks.

  • Telcos and mobile carriers
  • Banks and financial traders
  • Global media and broadcast companies
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Web giants
  • Retailers
  • Governments and military

What Makes Endace Different?

Our open EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform is unique in the network security and analytics market.

EndaceProbes provide 100% accurate Network Recording, while simultaneously hosting your choice of security and performance analytics applications. Hosted applications have high-speed access to recorded (and real-time) Network History.

This lets customers:

  • Quickly investigate network security and performance events and reach unambiguous conclusions with definitive, packet-level Network History integrated into all their tools.
  • Reduce OPEX / CAPEX by consolidating system hardware and hosting multiple analytics applications on the same platform, all accessing a common source of 100% accurate, packet-level Network History.
  • Deploy the analytics tools they want, where and when they want, without requiring a hardware truck roll.

Our Fusion Partners

The Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from world-leading security and performance analytics vendors which leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting and workflow API to integrate Network History into their applications.

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Three main reasons why customers choose Endace

  • Performance, Scalability and Reliability 100% accurate packet capture recording and playback, industry-leading storage density, centralized management and extended lifetimes
  • Open Architecture: We've designed our products to host and integrate with a wide range of commercial, open-source and custom analytics applications, so customers can choose the applications that suit their needs.
  • Fusion Ecosystem: The Fusion Partner Program allows customers to deploy, and integrate, analytics applications from the world's leading security and performance analytics companies

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